Who is sean connery dating

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If you want to find out more about what Sean is focusing on these days, you can visit his website, which is not flashy or promotional.I love the fact that, on his website, he says “While you are here, I would ask that you take a few moments to consider helping someone else. The three areas that are very important to me are: education, culture, and Scotland.” What a refreshing message, especially compared to the self-promotional activities of most celebrities. Here’s to a very classy, elegant and beautiful soul. What one question would you ask him if you had the chance? Check out this fantastic photo gallery of Sean Connery on The Red List.

While sharing relatively few scenes with Bond, their well-matched libidos and sense of extraversion would deliver a highly charged romance, were it not for her untimely demise.

Though Natalya wasn’t one of the most famous Bond girls, she is smart, her heart is in the right place, and she would probably exert a calming influence on him.” e Harmony’s Dating and Relationship expert Melanie Schilling says: “Sometimes compatibility surprises us; the Bond study shows that it’s not always about finding similarities in a couple, but about finding complementary strengths to create harmony within a relationship.

If the underlying values and beliefs are aligned, a couple can have a dynamic, stimulating and enjoyable relationship – despite having different personality styles.” Read more about compatibility in Mel’s latest blog post.

The least compatible match was ‘Tracy’ de Vicenzo ( – Diana Rigg) and the only Bond girl to marry 007.

Tracy would struggle being Bond’s lover due to her anxiety and unstable past.

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