Updating garmin nuvi 680

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Else you GPS might not show the maps, or worse not even start until maps are deleted.

There are several possibilities.a) Install both maps without contourlines and contourlines separately (install separate contourlines only map option in installer).

Only maps of regions where several different scripts are used - are in unicode.

If Latin is the predominant script - then of course no unicode map is offered.

Note there are readily converted maps available for most countries at the end of this page.

Do Not Update to Basecamp v4.7.0Beginners Guide can be found here: get started with openmtbmaps Install Basecamp/Mapsource: tutorials/install-mapsource/Install the Openmtbmap on your PC: tutorials/install/ explains the options of the installer.

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For anyone on the good side of earth AKA Linux - maps are also correctly shown in Qlandkarte_GT - QLandkarte_GT is compatible with all big OS (Linux, Mac OSx and well Windows too).

Send Maps to GPS with Mapsource/Basecmap: tutorials/send-maps-to-your-gps/mapsource/ I recommend to allways send maps to an external data card and not internal memory.

(this way if something goes wrong, or maps would be damaged you run less danger of wrecking your GPS).

If your device can display Unicode maps - then of course get the standard version - meaning Unicode.

Please comment if you like theese maps or even better tell other people about them (forums, blog about it, twitter, etc…) In case maps break Mapsource or don't work - please write exactly which downloads don't work and the time of download as well as your OS and Mapsource version..

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