Nia vardalos and john corbett dating

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Girl likes crush, girl employs the help of her neighbour, who was once her BFF as kids, to help her become attractive, girl realises crush is a vapid tool, girl then realises it's the neighbour who had her heart all along." – Tammy Taitt, Facebook Watch on: Netflix US and France"It's a really adorable movie.

Don't get me wrong, the beginning is really maddening, but it gets real cute real quick.

This movie does all of the great rom-com cliches SO well while keeping its leads weirder than normal.

Cannot recommend highly enough." – emilye410147352 Watch on: Netflix US"It's so funny and heartwarming and just like a classic rom-com, and it stars Nia Vardalos and John Corbett, making it like My Big Fat Greek Wedding nostalgia!

WATCH ITIf you have any doubts about this one, do yourself a favor and simply watch to reminisce on Reese Witherspoon's early days and witness her evolution as an actress.

Sigourney Weaver plays the mother who hooks the men, and the daughter (played by Jennifer Love Hewitt) plays the one who elicits an affair with them to produce a divorce check.

Their next heist goes awry when one of their victims comes back to catch them in the act.

It's the cutest rom-com, and my husband actually likes watching it with me." – Cate Flanagan, Facebook Watch on: Netflix US"It was so unexpectedly funny!

While there are definitely dating ups and downs, it's almost like a romantic comedy about best friends.

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