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I fo you realy want some facts about this song, I would recomend getting a DVD copy of "Tom Dowd & the langrage of music".In it you will get the facts in the words of the album procucer, and see him re-mix some of the intro with his comments of both the guitars.While waiting for one of the sessions to begin, he sat down at a piano and started playing a riff he made up, just for his own amusement.Eric and the band were stunned - they didn't know he could also play piano! When I wake up some mornings and need to pep up my spirit... My children actually love the song even though at first they were like mom who's that? I said no it isn't, but I can understand every word he's singing and then the bulb came on for them. Shoot, is there any language of the Middle East is which "layla" (or "laylah") does not translate into "night"?Many of you commented also as to 'why' George Harrison would want a wife who was sneaking around.

ready for anything he needs to experience or move through. A held space of at least 30 minutes where he can fully drop into all sensations.I was there at Criteria and have seen the crash of talented lives thorugh drugs & booze etc."IT'S TIME to PUT THEM DOWN" smell the ROSESJim Gordon was, at the time, one of the most in-demand rock studio drummers.Layla is STILL considered one of the Greatest Rock Love Songs Ever! Not too long ago I was in KC and hear a bar band cover it, something you hear very often. I would think you have to have your musical chops to even attempt it.The acoustic version is good, but nothing really special.

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