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early definitions of the term attempted to conceive eroticism as some form of sensual or romantic love or as the human sex drive (libido); for example, the Encyclopédie of 1755 states that the erotic "is an epithet which is applied to everything with a connection to the love of the sexes; one employs it particularly to characterize...a dissoluteness, an excess".I will discuss how my erotic porn is changing the...Read More I am delighted once again to offer a wonderful opportunity for you to read an excerpt, or in this case, a standalone story by one of my many contributing erotic authors’ published stories.The sports chiropractor and I were on a regular schedule to keep my body inline.Over the years I continued looking for a regular massage therapist that would support my flexibility and my needs to be fit. Read More If you didn’t catch the recent flurry of media interest following Pornhub’s latest viewing survey findings for the year 2016 – 2017, some elements I thought worthy to bring to your attention here.

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