Debt consolidating loan companies

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Make on-time monthly payments and you eliminate your credit card debt in 3-5 years.Ever feel like you are juggling too many payments with too many due dates? A debt consolidation loan may help to combine debts into one manageable loan.If you are currently looking to clear debt and juggling payments to more than one lender you are not alone, but a debt consolidation loan could help.A debt management program consolidates all your credit card bills into one, lower monthly payment at a lower interest rate. The traditional method of consolidating debt is to take out one large loan from a bank or credit union and use that money to pay off several smaller debts.That can be effective, unless you have a less-than-perfect payment history and low credit score, which means you may not be approved for a debt consolidation loan or bill consolidation loan, as it is sometimes called.Secured debts such as homes, property and automobiles can be refinanced, but are not considered good candidates for debt consolidation because you are placing a valuable asset at risk. If you have ,000 in debt, you’d be paying 50 each year to hold that debt. If you carry that same debt for 5 years, you’ve paid ,250 to borrow ,000. After you’ve read that, we’ll tell you how In Charge’s non profit debt consolidation alternative can capture all the benefits of traditional debt consolidation without the risks.

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This means no more confusion over what needs to be paid when: your debts are all paid with one payment.However, you need to look at all of the relevant issues as loan consolidation may not be right or available for you.In the simplest terms, a debt consolidation loan will pay off your existing debts and transfer the monies owed into one loan with one manageable, monthly repayment.We are a nation of debtors, Britain owes over £1 trillion.But rather than trying to pay off the minimum amount for each debt, a debt consolidation loan could reduce your debt to one manageable monthly payment.

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