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It takes a big man to admit it, but that was a stroke of genius.I called the guys from Matchbox Twenty and put them on speaker phone and I said, “I don’t even remember your names.Unfortunately, that is one of the noises Rob is scared of about half of the time.Thomas: I was almost certain it was illegal to talk to Carlos Santana on the phone, but Marisol, my lady wife, told me that it was permissible to speak to Carlos Santana on the phone, but only in moderation.Marcus Raboy (director): Someone hired me to direct the music video of a song.I bought a camera and mounted it on a tripod and pointed it at people, including Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana.

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Thomas: I hate that the enslaved horse was made to dance because of my music, but I can’t do anything about it because horses gross me out.

until this one, and it's only partially live, with studio tracks added, notably a cover of the Zombies' "She's Not There" (number 27) that became Santana's first Top 40 hit in five years.

The usual comings and goings in band membership had taken place since last time; the track listing was a good mixture of the old -- "Black Magic Woman," "Soul Sacrifice" -- and the recent, and with the added radio play of a hit single, Moonflower went Top Ten and sold a million copies, the first new Santana album to do that since 1972 and the last until Supernatural in 1999.

There’s nothing he fears more than the Great Cloud Troll, as he calls Him.

Rob is also very afraid of commitment and certain loud noises after 9 P.

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