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I knew him [at Oxford] when I was a Liberal [and Lewis] played a part in converting me to socialism." Foot joined the Labour Party and first stood for parliament, aged 22 at the 1935 general election, where he contested Monmouth.During the election, Foot criticised the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, for seeking rearmament.The Daily Herald was jointly owned by the TUC and Odhams Press, and was effectively an official Labour Party paper.

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Foot resigned in 1938 after the paper's first editor, William Mellor, was fired for refusing to adopt a new CP policy of backing a Popular Front, including non-socialist parties, against fascism and appeasement.He mocked the notion that the Government would make no more territorial demands of other newspapers if they allowed the Mirror to be censored.Foot left the Standard in 1945 to join the Daily Herald as a columnist.In a 1955 interview, Foot ideologically identified as a libertarian socialist.On the recommendation of Aneurin Bevan, Foot was soon hired by Lord Beaverbrook to work as a writer on his Evening Standard.

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