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Don't waste your money on those Tom Ford's, or your time on never-ending seeking niche fragrances unless you have got one VINTAGE Christian Dior Poison perfume at hand.

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i'm guessing it's the combination of the african orange flower and carnation with spicy notes that's creating the same vibes?? this is for a woman in her 30s who knows what she's achieved and knows where she wants to go next. If I can bring something into my grave, it is the VINTAGE Dior Poison perfume.

I think they toned down the modern poison alot more. i guess the solution will be the same as with d&g - wear it on clothes.

it's very nice, warm, sweet with a serious spicy ambery undertone.

Sounds like it's a pity that no one slipped Granny some of the real stuff in her tea.

Update - just received my new treasure, and it is divine.

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