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I did not voice this observation to the workmen…I just wanted them to remove the cables from the conduit.

After many hours in an upsetting environment, the head workman asked me to sign a document.

(See above) I pointed this out to the workman in charge and he assured me that when they were finished running the cables, they would fix it.

They continued running wires and chatting on cellphones while I just hoped this could be over.

The person who answered the phone said she would pass the complaint to the supervisor who would call me.

We were left without cable Internet access and a very untidy home. That is news to me.” He did not fix the badly run cables and proceeded to his van.

He also told me that they were not supposed to run any cables on the roof area of the garage (where the conduit was) and that he was just doing me a favour. He met up with the other workman who was already in the van and they eventually left.

I pointed out to the head workman the size of the chunks of concrete that broke off and he informed me that it is normal for this to happen when drilling.

He said that I could just mix some cement and fix that for myself.

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