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The Meursault Investigation, Meursault, Contre-enquête avec Kamel Daoud November 12, 2015 Kamel Daoud in conversation with Madeleine Dobie Algerian author Kamel Daoud’s novel, Meursault, Contre-enquête, first published in Algeria in 2013, and translated into English in 2015 by Other Press, turns Albert Camus’s classic work, The Stranger, on its head.

Told from the point of view of the brother of the nameless Arab who was killed by Meursault on the beach, this book is based on the premise that the murder committed by Meursault in 1942 was a true crime.

studies the broad politicization of Franco-Arab identity in the context of French culture and its assumptions about appropriate modes of sexual and gender expression, both gay and straight.

Todd Shepard’s book, (2017) is a study of how “sexual Orientalism” re-emerged in post-decolonization French politics and discussions.

Tracing these women’s trajectories through the masked balls, shooting parties, moated castles, and glittering salons of the French nobility, Caroline Weber paints a vivid portrait of a rarefied, exclusive milieu that the outbreak of the First World War would soon destroy forever.

She shows how Proust, an outsider to this world, sought as a young man to curry favor with its three most glamorous doyennes, and how they shaped his fantasy of patrician elegance and grace.

Over the course of the 1960s and ‘70s, what he names “sex talk”—around questions such as far right politics, May ’68, prostitution, the “white slave trade,” gay rights, sexual libertinism, the act of sodomy, and rape—explicitly grappled with questions of empire, the Algerian war, colonial violence, and post-decolonization racism.

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Famous French rap group IAM from Marseilles gives their first ever interview and workshop at a university, invited by the Columbia University Maison Française.Adam Tooze is the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of History and Director of the Columbia European Institute.Albert Camus's “The Human Crisis” read by Viggo Mortensen, 70 years later On April 28, 2016 a reading by Viggo Mortensen of a speech by Albert Camus, and roundtable discussion with Viggo Mortensen, Alice Kaplan and Souleymane Bachir Diagne Albert Camus originally delivered this lecture on “La Crise de l’homme” on March 28, 1946, to a very full house at the Mc Millin Academic Theatre at Columbia University, on his first and only trip to the United States.70 years later, to celebrate Camus’s visit to New York and Columbia, his lecture will be delivered in a dramatic reading by the actor Viggo Mortensen, in a version newly translated into English by Alice Kaplan.Far from Men: Q&A with actor Viggo Mortensen March 28, 2016 a Q&A with lead actor Viggo Mortensen, in conversation with Madeleine Dobie after the screening of Far from Men directed by David Oelhoffen.

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