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And watch out for birds - you never know what might fly by.Sit back, relax, and enjoy hours of fun with Talking Angela ;) This app is PRIVO certified.Jimmy is a big backroom poker fan and he seems quite shady.First time you meet him is in Delicious Emily’s True Love where he could use a second chance for a first impression… Angela is a talented fashion designer and shopping addict. This is proven true in Delicious Emily’s Wonder Wedding when she accidentally buys the dress that’s meant for Emily!The two have a beautiful wedding and in Emily's New Beginning they welcome their little daughter Paige into the world. Their story begins in Delicious Emily’s True Love where Patrick secretly delivers a rose every day to win his fair lady’s heart. After some hilariously confusing moments in Delicious Emily’s Big Surprise, adorable little Paige is born in Delicious Emily’s New Beginning.During Emily’s trip to Paris things almost seem to go wrong, but luckily everything works out just fine in the end. He is always there to cheer Emily up with his great sense of humor. Emily's parents are in debt, so much so they need to sell the farm.Why does one person always seem to do almost everything and, most importantly, what can you do about it? ) this question in Emily’s newest story, Moms vs Dads!We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

A turbulent time follows in which Emily and Patrick must go above and beyond to stop their house being repossessed.

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Learn more about cookies in Outfit7 Cookie give her a fabulous life! Dress up Angela in the latest fashions, make her home beautiful and feed her delicious treats.

But, in case of utter distress, like in Delicious Emily’s Wonder Wedding, Evelyn is there to make sure bad luck is turned around! Only, he gets the shock of his life when Patrick isn’t there waiting for Emily… However, he does have a habit of getting himself into trouble sometimes!

Jimmy is Angela’s husband, and the two were married overnight in a wedding chapel in Vegas.

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