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I asked why she was laughing and she answered, “These attorneys convinced them all to do stuff,” and shortly thereafter they hung up on me.Phone calls to ‘A prison for children’ Polyane Soares de Oliveira has been in Karnes with her 11-year-old daughter for eight months.And please—don’t EVER tell them that you can’t live without them or insinuate in ANY way that you may harm yourself or kill yourself because of the pain they caused you.The moment you do that, you just confirmed for them that you’re not healthy enough for them to be in a relationship with.In these situations I’ve seen people do all sorts of things to try to save their marriages—most of which kill off any chance of getting back together.

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They clean and run the laundry facility–a big task for the 532-bed detention center.The mothers who’ve signed the letter have all been interviewed by immigration officials and have established a credible fear of persecution or torture if they were to be deported.But they either haven’t been given an opportunity to post bond for release, or the bond amount has been set too high.Over the years I’ve had countless couples come into my office on the verge of divorce.In several of these couples, one partner is all but out the door while the other partner is fighting for one last chance to save the marriage.

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