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Worth noting: The connection between fat acceptance, fat activism, and unapologetic intersectional feminism is not a coincidence, y’all.

Overall thesis: Study participants who learned to eat in a way that felt right to them and move their bodies in a way that was fun and sustainable to them without the stated goal or pressure of weight loss had better health outcomes than similar groups who exercised and restricted calories with the goal of losing weight. Wear Your Voice, especially Dear Virgie‘s advice column and their Style Crush archives. Save Ijeoma Oluo’s piece You Don’t Have To Love Your Body for a rainy day when you’re just not feeling it.The struggle is real, but you don’t have to struggle alone, and it doesn’t have to feel this hard forever.Here are some resources that help me with body acceptance. Shapely Prose (not active as a commenting community or being updated by the site owner, but the archive is a treasure trove of writing).If this was a game that involved high level raiding, she would probably be a lot more careful. ” So as far as I could tell I didn’t get even a tiny bit high, and if I did, I don’t see what the big deal is cause I didn’t notice anything.Once Peggy starts making her do 10 pushups every time she dies, Sydney will quickly start valuing self preservation in the game more. I do wonder what Sydney would be like if she was high. though considering most ADD meds are stimulants, I don’t know, maybe she’d be sedate but borderline self destructively distractable? Well, I did once, but I was the asshole going “How long before something happens? Over at Patreon, Brain Blow asked “So how do superpowers factor into video games here? People with speed powers would have an advantage, stuff like danger sense would be a bit more iffy, depending on iffy it’d work for non life threatening situations.

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