Rupert grint and emma watson dating in real life 2016

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As a schoolboy, he gained a lot of attention for his unruly bright red hair. Rowling's book series, so when he heard about an open casting call for the film adaptation, he decided to audition for the part of Harry Potter's redheaded best friend, Ronald Weasley.

His great-grandfather nicknamed him "Copper Knob," and his friends at school called him "Ginge" (short for "ginger," British slang for redhead). At the time, Grint's only acting experience had been in a handful of school plays, including one performance as a fish in a play about Noah's ark.

For Watson, much of the humor derives from the tension developing between Harry, Ron and Hermione as they mature.

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Their professional experiences have clearly taught them how to cope with the intense media attention despite their young age.

&#Array; He comes to the realization that if he's going to make it in life, he's going to be making it alone. I mean, if you had that darkness running the whole way through the film, you'd be tired and it wouldn't be effective." Watson also heaped praise on director Newell.

And, I think that's the main thing that he discovers in this film." All three actors singled out humor as the key element of the film's creative success. We've always got along perfectly, and I think it's much more realistic that they would argue and that there would be problems. And it makes for a lot of humorous relief from this quite dark book." Radcliffe concurred, singling out screenwriter Steve Kloves for his adaptation of J. "I don't think Mike has ever held us back in any way." Newell, she said, pushed them to make their performances "real" and he also "really treats us like adults.

If you go with the first one, it is all sort of very wide-eyed and almost naive.

You know, (Harry) is quite naive and thinking because it is a magical world, it is going to be better than the world that he has come from, where in actual fact, it's not. I mean, to me, the humor is actually essential to the darkness in a way.

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