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Well, we know there aint no logic or justice in show business, and nobody forced you to get into it, and the worst day in show business is still probably more lucrative and comfortable than the best day in most other jobs.

That's what most people hold on to when it's frustrating.

" (Abbott and Costello), "The Palladium" (Lenny Bruce), "The Seven Words You Can't Say" (George Carlin), "Starbucks" (Jackie Mason), "Mudbone" (Richard Pryor), and all of Lord Buckley's brilliant word paintings, and Chris Rock's and Monty Python's and Bill Hicks' and Sam Kinison's and Robert Schimmel's and Bobby Slayton's hysterical, truthful and gut wrenching comedy will.

On dating, "At least Charles Manson has the decency to look crazy from the moment you meet him." The thing that made Richard even more unique in comedy was his gentleness.

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His comedy will live on in favorite bits the way "Who's On First?Jeni also starred on the short-lived 1995 UPN sitcom Platypus Man and appeared in the Jim Carrey film The Mask.Jeni composed the theme song ("I'm A Platypus Man") for his TV series.His bit titled "Political Parties" on his "A Big Steaming Pile of Me" special takes everyone equally to task, and hilariously so; the right, the left, the middle. And then he could just muse on things: (On America's "A Horse With No Name"), "You're in the desert, you got nothing else to do. " "You go to a steakhouse, guess what folks.cow tank." If you want to see some great comedy, from a great performer, rent or buy some of Rich's specials; "Boy From New York City", "A Big Steaming Pile of Me", "Crazy From the Heat", and many more. And you'll wonder why you might not have known his name before now, which brings us back to the beginning.Maybe there is nothing worse than not being allowed to use all your gifts, and to finally lose hope after twenty years of watching lesser mortals sail on through.

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