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All three adults settle on the couch at night to watch TV once their son has gone to bed."It is very normal, except for the fact that we have one more adult living in our household," says Britt.ORE is — as one might expect — "old relationship energy." It's that feeling of comfort, familiarity, and contentedness that settles in to a stable, established relationship once the NRE has worn off.Dan Savage, author of Savage Love, coined this term to describe a relationship that is mostly monogamous, but allows both partners to occasionally step out under certain circumstances.Having the vocabulary to describe your own relationships and experiences is incredible empowering for many of us, but it can also get in the way of communicating with people who aren't as familiar with it.

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This could be as small and simple as a vee relationship (aka a relationship involving three people, where one person is at the center of the V and is involved with both partners, while the other two partners who are not involved with each other), or it can be a complex, widespread network of people, all connected in some manner.Behind him stands his wife, Britt, who offers a cheery hello, while their 3-year-old son, Gareth, sizes things up from a safe distance. The blond toddler grabs my hand and leads me down the hallway into his immaculate bedroom, where he immediately begins pulling toys down from a shelf: toy trucks, interlinked train carriages, a rubber snake.On the wall hang pictures of rocket ships and distant planets, and in the corner float a bunch of helium balloons."The only real difference is that we're buying food for one more person, and that person sleeps in our bed." Britt, Cliff and Dave are polyamorists, which is to say they are interested in romantic relationships with more than one person.Specifically, they are a triad, meaning they are involved with one another both emotionally and sexually.

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