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On Monday, SIG SAUER is scheduled to release the details of its P320 voluntary upgrade program.

Owners concerned with the drop safety vulnerability identified here can choose to send their gun(s) in to receive new fire control group components. To find out, SIG brought us to their headquarters in New Hampshire.

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Then each gun was suspended on a test rig four feet over solid concrete at the problematic -30° orientation, and dropped. After each drop, the chambered “round” was fired and a new one was inserted. With the upgrade parts, the incidents of striker release were significantly reduced.These days, it can seem like there’s never enough inventory and the firearms or ammo you want is never available.Our primary objective is to keep every item on our site in stock and ready to ship.We work hard to stockpile all the most popular guns along with the ammo and accessories that go with them.At, you’ll also find firearms that aren’t as common, yet are in demand and hard to find at gun shows and in stores.

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