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The latest trends in entertainment and lifestyle news. * We'll also show you whatever else our crew thinks is cool.* We'll send you notifications (if you want) of trending Internet news, so you'll be clearly better than your dumb friends.* We said, "Sexy ladies."* Do you really need anything else?

It will not rest until even the worst work-related boredom perishes! Because...* We statistically make post-lunch poops 47.6% more enjoyable.* We're mostly original content.

In addition, you can find SUDY members geographically closest to you because our members are distributed in every city, such as Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Houston, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, San Diego, Orlando, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Phoenix, Birmingham, Indianapolis, San Jose, Cleveland, Sao Paulo, Newark, Manila, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Detroit, Nashville, Manchester and New Orleans.

New SUDY will help you to find the people you want.

It's a well-done social network, and I hope it gets more popular soon.

We understand that finding a suitable partner in elite circles can be tricky, however, with our community-based approach to online dating, it couldn’t be easier. the CHIVE App is probably the best app in the world.SUDY, as a leading luxury millionaire dating App, sets out with the mission to allow the rich & successful to find their perfect match. A crack team of scientists have learned how to destroy boredom in all its forms. I don't know 2014 or something, the CHIVE App is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. They call their invention, "the CHIVE App." But, fearing its power to distract millions with pictures of hot girls and hilarious memes, and the fact that nobody has a smartphone or even knows what that is, they lock it up in a deep underground bunker, never to be enjoyed again.

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