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Of the three or four species of the ), found in the coastal waters and sands of Japan.That tiny, shelled organism, which ejects a blue luminous secretion into the water when disturbed, may be collected and dried for the light-emitting components, which are active indefinitely.

Two famous groups of luminous copepods are ) emit a luminous secretion from luminous organs, while others possess true light organs (photophores), which consist of a lens, reflector, and light-emitting photogenic cells.

Bioluminescence results from a chemical reaction (chemiluminescence) in which the conversion of chemical energy to radiant energy is direct and virtually 100 percent efficient; i.e., very little heat is given off in the process.

For that reason, the emission is called cold light or luminescence.

When an unsuspecting prey approaches the luminous lure, it is engulfed in the fish’s large jaw.oxygen is removed, it has been suggested that the bioluminescent reaction was originally used to remove oxygen toxic to primitive types of bacteria that developed when oxygen was absent or very rare in Earth’s atmosphere.

The metabolic reaction that combines the oxygen with a reducing substance (luciferin) liberates sufficient energy to excite a molecule in the organism to emit visible radiation.

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