Naughty women dating

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If a younger guy’s friends don’t take his relationship seriously, then they probably aren’t good friends.

True friends accept his partner, or at least do their best to get to know her before making a judgement based on age.

It’s almost like they think the guy will be immature and she won’t mesh with his taste in music or hobbies.

People think she was born on another planet or living in a basement for 30 years with no access to the outside world, television, or radio.

[Read: Age gaps: The new trend in relationships] #10 She won’t be able to take him seriously.

Not all younger guys are immature losers who can’t keep a job or do dumb things for attention.

Older women dating younger men sometimes cause more buzz than seeing an older man flaunting a girl that looks like she could be his daughter.

The stereotype of the older woman, dressed up and drenched in perfume, waiting at bars to lure young men into her trap, is not the reality.[Read: Cougar dating: 10 rules about dating an older woman] #2 They have different views on children because of the age gap.Assuming here she has kids from a previous marriage, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t want to ‘breed’ with someone younger that she cares about if they decided to have children together.13 misconceptions about dating older women These myths are often from an outside perspective. Attraction exists between people of any age, and a relationship with an age gap doesn’t mean that it’s temporary, strictly about sex, or part of an aging woman’s mid-life crisis.Here are some of the common misconceptions about dating older women. When it comes down to couples with an age gap, people assume a younger dude and an older lady have nothing in common.

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