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The grizzly bear is the official state animal of California.But no grizzly bears have been seen there since 1922.If you're interested in raiding we have a flex raid group that raids Wednesdays 5-8 PST and Sundays 3-6 PST.We are located on the Ursin Pv P server, a medium population server connected with Andorhal and Scilla.Sadly, like the Roman empire, America’s days appear to be numbered.I hope things turn around, but it needs to be fast, and I figure exposing some of the bollocks might help that.Developed countries with good health stats all tend to be in Europe. American males between the ages of 12-29 average 605 litres a year.

But the more I added to it, the less funny it looked, and the more like a train wreck.

If you're interested in our joining our Guild please feel free to app on our forum! Raid team is looking for: Who: Yes, that is correct Ursin is in fact a Low Pop server.

With Virtual Realms and Flexible Raiding coming up in the near future, the servers low population will hopefully no longer be an issue. =DIt seems that everyone is having a great time so far in Pandaria and we are working on getting ready to down some raid content but our second raid team could def use a few more people!

We are looking for fun active people to join us in our shenanigans! Are you looking for a safe space in game that you can call home?

Are you an altoholic looking for people who are also into alts?

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