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Not wanting Reese's revelation to interfere with his plans, the Joker threatens to destroy a hospital unless someone kills Reese within an hour.

The mob ultimately decides to take the Joker up on his offer.

Batman arrives at the building, but realizes that the Joker sent him to Dent's location instead.

Both buildings explode, killing Rachel and disfiguring half of Dent's face.

Batman finds Lau in Hong Kong and brings him back to Gotham to testify, allowing Dent to apprehend the entire mob. Before he can, however, Dent falsely announces that he is Batman.

The Joker threatens to keep killing people unless Batman reveals his identity, and starts by murdering Police Commissioner Gillian B. The Joker also tries to kill Mayor Anthony Garcia, but Gordon sacrifices himself to stop the assassination. Dent is taken into protective custody, but the Joker appears and attacks the convoy.

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