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Early on, when we discussed how open our marriage should be, we decided it would be all right for me to see escorts several times a year.This gives me some sexual variety and keeps her from feeling threatened by my becoming emotionally involved with a third party.This week, I discovered he had hidden a Fleshlight from me. He really gets off when I call his ass a "pussy," which I'll do to turn him on, but I find it pretty weird. And if you would never knowingly date a bi guy, tell him he deserves better.He also tells me he gets off on the thought of the two of us fucking a woman together. A relationship question that doesn't involve sex: Occasionally when two people live together, they bump into each other or one may get in the way of the other.My wife doesn't like to give head—and I really don't like getting it from her, since she doesn't like doing it.It is, however, one of the things on my list for my quarterly pro session.Apparently, he's a straight guy who wanted to experiment with men in a very limited way. But after he came, I was really aching for release myself.

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Craving Uncut Masculine Sri Lankan Another jack-off buddy? Being the curious guy I am, I had her explain what these things meant to her.After we were finished, he indicated that he might hit me up again.Do you think I should continue with the massage and "happy ending" in hopes he will someday feel comfortable enough to reciprocate?Anyway, I was really looking forward to him jacking me off and vice versa.But when I arrived, he said he was only interested in me giving him a massage and then a handjob.

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