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The Annex is equal parts student grunge and professor fancy thanks to its proximity to the University of Toronto, which means that you can reap the advantages of both whilst being neither (like me).

Fiesta Farms ( 416-922-5852), which gets all the points for community specials including Queer Yoga (every Monday), Brown Girls (every Wednesday) and the most rocking Live Music Flow.

Ossington is a relatively new stretch of excellent restaurants and bars.

The best of the street is Pizzeria Libretto ( Kensington Market is on all of the “must see” lists of Toronto, with good reason.

To put it bluntly, Toronto is a big city, and there is a whole heck of a lot going on here.

No guide could cover all of the amazing things that occur on any given week/month so just consider this our take on the best of the city, especially the queer, West-end leaning aspects.

Although there may once have been a real need for a queer-specific area, now it is less necessary and furthermore, the community doesn’t demand it.

That doesn’t mean that there is no place for Church St.

It still makes me cheesy-grin that I can call it mine.

In terms of coffee/food/drink, I could go on for days but I will limit my recommendations to the board game café, Snakes and Lattes ( 416-599-4442 M-F am-10pm, S-Su am-10pm) where I never fail to have cyclical crushes on all of the wait staff bringing me quinoa-battered onion rings and the best sweet potato fries with miso gravy.

Laid back and pretentious-free Queen Street East, especially east of the Don Valley Parkway, doesn’t get as much attention as its younger, hipper sister (West) Queen West.

I didn’t truly appreciate Toronto’s general quirks and its not-so-subtle queerness until I went to school and began working downtown and even just talking about the city with Camilla and Mere for this guide.

We’re incredibly fortunate that, for the most part, being queer is largely incidental.

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