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No one likes to be objectified based on their physicality when it comes to dating and finding love, for better or for worse.

Sure, some things are within our control, and a little self-improvement never hurts.

Whomever I meet, I try to give her a chance to be who she is.

And I can say this: I’m always glad when someone does the same for me. I know that as I continue my search for the right lady, I realize maybe I shouldn’t be so picky about petty things.

And then out of the blue she asked me how tall I was.

We had already agreed to meet up the next day for drinks.

Does that mean we should all disregard any physical preference? But like any preference when it comes to dating, we need to keep it in perspective. And maybe I should stop dreaming and start considering the person standing right in front of me.

I still seek out that someone I “click” with immediately.

The listing of height in dating app profiles has become so prevalent, that many swipers come to expect it, and sometimes hypothesise when it's been omitted from the profile.

In my own experience, I have grown to attach a great deal of importance to the feet and inches in a person's bio.

In order to overcome my internal biases, I’ve gone out of my way to find and pursue women who have the qualities I know I need in a relationship, and I’ve tried to rely less upon those who catch my eye when they cross my path. I make a point to ask people I know and respect if they know any women who share my values and are looking for a serious relationship like me.

But whether I meet someone through friends, with the latest greatest mobile dating app, or in some kismet way, I try to keep an open mind.

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