Im dating a recovering addict samoan dating culture

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When partners of recovering addicts have no personal addiction or recovery experience, it can be helpful for them to know what their loved one has been through and how their loved one developed healthy relationship skills.

Even a person who is in recovery is still technically an addict, much like how a person in remission from cancer can redevelop symptoms. You might need to quickly leave parties where alcohol is being served, or call your partner’s sponsor if he or she starts demonstrating symptoms of a relapse. You might want to tell everyone you meet about your new significant other.In these Steps, PIRs practice reaching out to other people and face their fear of rejection.In the process, they learn mutual respect for others and how to have equality in a relationship rather than power over someone else.Many PIRs [people in recovery] also need help establishing healthy relationships.Some PIRs come from unhappy families in which emotional or physical abuse and addiction were common.

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