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Since that time, Curves owners in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Jupiter and Palm Springs have closed their doors. Related stories: CURVES FOR WOMEN: Business Broker Slams Curves Franchise and Franchisor This site is sponsor-supported.It was a cold, blustery, March day when the trove walked through the door of the sports memorabilia trade show in White Plains, N. Joe Tomasulo, East Coast consignment director for the Memory Lane memorabilia store, was the lucky guy to have his table close to the entrance.

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The Brotherhood of Professional Base Ball Players would become the forefathers of Curt Flood and the union that would come along generations later and finally defeat the reserve clause bringing free agency to the sport.Tomasulo, a veteran collector, can’t recall the number of times someone has come in promising a memorable find and, “they pull out Mickey Mouse.” This would be no Mickey Mouse find.The couple, who asked to remain anonymous, had not only three famously rare autographs — 19th-century baseball stars and Hall of Famers Buck Ewing, Tim Keefe and John Montgomery Ward — but various original signed documents relating to a short-lived players union revolt in 1889-90 and the formation of a breakaway baseball league.“Although it shouldn’t, your health and well-being becomes discretionary spending when the economy slows down,” Winer says. She recently moved her 1,500-square-foot location in North Palm Beach to cheaper space.“The economy is causing people to clip their gym memberships,” Moore says.

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