Guy still shy after dating

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And when a man still calls in a week or two, she thinks that he probably calls because of boredom or she is listed as a hundred eternally waiting girlfriends. Yes, shy girls put up walls around themselves and surround them with moats and water, but these girls are worth your efforts.

They are incredibly nice and reserved, but they look rather not sexy, but cozy – and there’s something in that too.

If it is not in your priority or you are interested in several girls at once, then it is better not to aim at this option at all. Any shy girl rarely comes out and has fun (and that’s so sweet, admit it).

Yes, she will not always laugh at your jokes, but you shouldn’t give in. Therefore, it is better to meet in more quiet places after the first date. For some unknown reason, men think that a passionate tigress is hiding under the guise of a poor lamb and she only waits for an opportunity to escape from the cage.

Usually, beautiful girls are purposeful, don’t have problems with self-esteem, and feel comfortable in society. And it seems that quiet, reserved, and shy girls are simply not capable of this. Any woman accepts signs of attention and welcomes manifestations of care for her personality simply because she needs it. This is where a shy girl must be absolutely sure one hundred percent – always and in all situations! But what is meant by “better” is a purely individual concept: kinder, more courageous, more self-confident, more serious or, conversely, more relaxed ... But most importantly, a woman feels that she becomes closer to the desired image of herself being next to a partner.

Therefore, in order to get consent, you need to choose the right place, prepare a couple of good phrases and make a call or write a message. Learn how to approach her: Choose good places for dating a shy girl.

Choose that places in which you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Before meeting with a shy girl, it is desirable that all the “parameters” of your internal state will be on top.

Continue the conversation until she understands that you are worthy of attention and actually a good guy. Maybe thus she will feel more comfortable sitting in a cafe, drinking her latte and seeing a nice guy next to her. A shy girl doesn’t trust men who change women like gloves and look like womanizers. Don’t lose self-control and don’t aim at quick success. Well, this myth exists because men have a great ego.

Pay more attention to intellect and emotions, dude. Not all women have a predisposition to a career of porn stars. Don’t hint at the fact that it’s time to “communicate more closely” when a girl is still not ready for it. Your stories of “how I hate my job” or old man’s grumbling about high food prices are unlikely to inspire your companion.

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