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However, social kissing does come with its own precise set of rules and regulations, which we will humbly describe. The three air-kisses are used to greet someone and used again to say goodbye.

Plop yourself down on any terrace in town and take in the sight of Dutch people all around you greeting & kissing & kissing & kissing then leaving & kissing & kissing & kissing! Of course, there are always awkward moments and situations that even our handy 10-step rules can’t solve.

The green village of Bergeijk also has forests, streams and greenery to explore.

For more sporty holidays in Noord Brabant, you could go to the Montana Snowcenter to ski, no matter what the time of year.

It is indeed an odd practice for a normally rather un-affectionate bunch. As always, we at SDPL are here to make the mysteries of the lowlands a little less mysterious. Or what if you go a little to enthusiastically into a kiss and painfully smack cheek bones, do you then give an apology kiss?

Kissing is indeed a rather important cultural norm in the Netherlands. Lastly, when is the right moment to wipe someone’s sweat/spit off your face after a rather moist encounter?

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