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Looks like the dating service has been discontinued.

Hello there, Sorry for my late answer, I just wanted to thank you for your advices.

The good girls come in group with friends mixed of males and females. Of course the very traditional lady might not be my prime target, since it might be complicated to get involved deeper before a certain long amount of time but also that she might not be interested into foreigner, but rather would date a Burmese, don't you think?

You got to practice your public speaking before you blend into socializing. I heard of the GTR by I never been there, is it any good?

My Public speaking skills are quite ok I guess, that's not what I am worried about.

However, if the girls come in group of friends with male and female friends, isn't it rude to aproach one of them, since the male friends might take it as an offense, happens in many other countries? Guess I need to give up a bit about online stuff and try to find some time to go out... Both GTR and Escape bar are a bit pricey since they are like unofficially number one Night club and number one Bar in town.

Most comers are young, rich and high standard people ( except a few in GTR ).

I didn't know about the Escape Bar, is it the one at this address, I found it while googling the name of the place : ?I've been here for a while already and to me all those nightlife place are the venue for prostitutes only. But if you look closely enough, in some of the bars and restaurants in town I think you can find some nice ladies who have good education (probably studies abroad) and therefore a broader mind.Ladies that would more easily accept western culture, and in the end I am sure that it is what Casanova is searching for.That's why most of us, Burmese, do not know how to communicate with the foreigners.Just back off quick if they seem not to be happy to be disturb. Oh, you know I'm not very rich, so it seems these places are not really for me then .

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