Dating faux pas

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You’ll look like you tried too hard, and your date might get a little scared. A frantic, last-minute dash to get date ready will leave you frantic and frazzled—not the ideal state of mind for the already anxiety-inducing event of a first date.

You’ll be able to answer the door calm, confident and not covered in sweat.

When pictures are posted from a night when your date said they were too busy to see you, you start wondering just who the other people in those photos are.

And why is there someone who always likes your date's statuses?

Back in the day, you had to sit at home waiting for your rotary phone to ring in order to find out what your crush was up to after your first date.

Now, we have the Internet, which is a whole lot more incriminating.

This is a first impression of sorts, so while you don’t need to reenact the above-mentioned montage, take the time to style your hair, check your teeth for lipstick stains and your dress for wrinkles, and break out a signature piece that shows some personality—a flattering wrap dress, chic cropped jacket or haute pair of leather knee-high boots will do the trick. Yes, you may want to step it up a notch in the hair, makeup and ensemble departments, but don’t reinvent—this is not the time to try that gelled-up faux-hawk or layer on the multi-colored eye makeup (unless your look is already modern punk). First, you won’t have to tear apart your dresser and undo hours of housekeeping.Even in the movies, looking motion-picture perfect isn’t easy.But to extend the metaphor, you want your date to be a romance, not a comedy, drama or horror flick!If your style is more feminine but you think he’s into a rock-and-roll girl, don’t show up in head-to-toe Joan Jett leather or, worse, a concert tee featuring his favorite band.You won’t be able to back it up in conversation, he’ll see right through it, and when he walks you to your car and sees your daisy-shaped air-freshener and “Powerpuff Girls” bumper sticker, he’ll either think you’re a car thief or have multiple personalities.

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