Dating bittercup

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She auto-heals after combat, just like regular followers. I reused bits of her existing audio for voice in dialogs. What is changed: Modified some dialoge in the Big Town quest so it wont appear if she is your companion.

What isnt changed: This mod does not change any of the existing companions or the scripts associated with them.

I've gotten some Rax Away and some stimpacks off of her, both for free.

But that's all she seems willing to 'give up', if you catch my meaning.

Also removed Get Random Percent from one of the Idle chatter conditions.

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You’re going to develop a better understanding of brewing methods and flavor profiles of different coffees – if you haven’t already – and begin to appreciate the dedication that goes into the production of every single bean.From the Capital Wasteland to the Mojave Desert and beyond, one refrain is heard again and again: war never changes. Concludes Messiah in Absentia, The Low Road, and Steel Against Steel.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a's in big town, and you have to be nice to her at first, and in the start up convo, she'll tell you about the 3 guys she just dated.will research this further, but if anyone knows, please share.i don't know, but i like this chick,a nd the fact that you can talk to all the people around town about her dating history has to lead to more.

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