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Especially for women, the pressure to get married is very real.

’, a derogatory term for single women that has been hyped in the media for years.

But, problematically, the majority of China’s ‘leftover women’ live in urban areas and are at the ‘high end’ of the societal ladder (relatively high income and education), whereas the majority of the so-called ‘’ are based in rural areas and are at the ‘lower end’ (lower income and education).

Since Chinese women traditionally prefer to marry ‘up’ in terms of age, income and education, and the men usually marry ‘down’, these men and women find themselves at the wrong ends of the ladder.

Well-educated young men with good looks charge high fees to play the ideal boyfriend for a day.

Why is it so hard for ‘leftover women’ to find a partner? Since the implementation of the one-child policy in 1978, China has been dealing with a disparity in girls and boys, due to traditional preferences for sons and the widespread occurrence of illegal sex-selective abortions. This gender ratio imbalance has drastic consequences for Chinese society.

They even offer the option for third-party agencies to confirm their with a mass wedding of thirty couples.

Throughout the years, Baihe has brought together thousands of people.

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Innocent flirting aside, many users are seriously looking to get settled.Amongst other functions, they allow users to explore potential love interests based on one’s location.This makes it possible for members to look for a partner who lives in the same neighbourhood, or goes to the same karaoke bar.Popular dating websites like Baihe meet their customer’s demand by approaching dating in a practical way.Members have to provide their real names, and are encouraged to add information about their educational background and economic situation.

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