Chilean culture dating

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"The unintelligible quality of my single status comes from two main angles, as I see it.First, I'm 25, which means I should be husband-hunting based on common logic.Walk into any park and you are in danger of tripping over a tangled couple.

Maybe it's because you can't throw a stone here (if you were inclined to) without hitting one of Pablo Neruda's houses. I like to write, though, and as I seemed unable to put pen to paper without going on for pages about emotional ups and downs, I figured measures needed to be taken to ensure that I would have some writing of value to represent my Chilean Years (as the book of my life will label them).A friend told me that she was recently reading a women's magazine which had conducted a survey in which Chilean women were asked what they were most afraid of. So when people hear that I'm not dating anyone, they go into a bit of empathetic panic. But not because I am dating or married to a Chilean man.Some people I've talked to seem to equate my current state of mind as the equivalent of a near-suicidal giving-up on life. I've touched on this before: this is totally incomprehensible to 99% of people that I meet.Men seem to like it since it reminds them of their main sexual objective and women seem to like it because it makes them feel wanted and gives them clues about what men are looking for (so that the women can know better just how to go about getting what they want). The problem in Chile is that men want to get married to women (or at least live with women) who are attractive and will “turn them on” and fulfill them sexually. The idea of having a woman as a companion “to talk to” about important subjects in life is a distant third for most men. In the larger scheme of things (although there are certainly exceptions), the woman is to conform herself to the man’s life and circumstances.This fact is especially true among more religious people.

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