Cerebral palsy online dating

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But they've been dating for more than two years—in Second Life.The detachment of meeting through their avatars allowed them to open up to one another in a way they might never have done in the real world.Except Rosedale's creation wouldn't be a game: Second Life had no rules, no levels, no dragons to slay.It was open-ended, a digital landscape without regulations (much like the Internet in its early days).The power of Second Life lies in its utility for the gamut of human activities.It's a potent medium for socializing—it provides people with a way to express, explore and experiment with identity, vent their frustrations, reveal alter egos.

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And as it has evolved, those with ill intentions have apparently discovered Second Life, too.

"We felt like we could go in and really be ourselves," Lillie says.

Anshe Chung is a virtual land baroness with a real-life fortune.

Turns out it can: Chung became Second Life's first millionaire in 2006.

Her business, Anshe Chung Studios, with a staff of 60, buys virtual property and builds homes or other structures that it rents or sells to other denizens of Second Life.

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