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Entrepreneurs are passionate about life in general and we share our ups and downs with our significant others.The love and passion we put into our relationships are a lot like that of our projects. Living in the moment is essential to our success, which is contagious to all those around us. However, an entrepreneur's enthralled relationship with their work may make relationships of the heart a challenge. We must harness our team’s creativity, nurture their professional career, pay them and ensure they have a healthy work-life balance.When times get tough (and at some point they will), there's no such thing as disposable income.If you're not up for living lean, you're probably not up for being with an entrepreneur.Dating an entrepreneur is like dating two people at the same time--the business and the actual person.

Entrepreneurs are certainly not your typical, run-of-the-mill person. According to matchmaking data compiled by Zoosk, men who call themselves entrepreneurs get 16 percent fewer messages via their online dating profiles.

From the day they start dreaming, founders are on the hunt for funding, and it's a hunt that never ends.

Get ready for constant conversations about investors, pitch meetings and the next business trip out of town.

One moment they're flying high, and the next they're laying on the ground certain of their startup's death.

(Note: These extremes often happen in the same day.) With all of the fear, excitement and frustration that goes into launching a dream, you can't expect entrepreneurs to always keep their cool.

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