Audrey gelman dating terry richardson

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“I think part of being a strong woman is owning the decisions that you’ve made in your life,” she said.“Trying to put the onus onto someone else for your own decisions is really cowardly and kind of dishonest.” Babies' first Page Six shout out!Meet Alexandra “Skinny” Bolotow, the 32-year-old longtime Richardson assistant — and friend of Martha Stewart — who, confidantes say, might finally tame the self-professed “pervert” once and for all.In the past few years, Richardson — who has photographed everyone from Barack Obama to Lady Gaga — has come under fire for allegedly manipulating models to engage in sexual acts.“Hi Audrey,” Marnie Michaels (played by Allison Williams) says, shooting daggers at her rival. Gelman’s role as Marnie’s headband-wearing foil, however, is an extended inside joke. Gelman, 25, is close friends with newly minted Golden Globe winner Lena Dunham, and, by most accounts, is the model for Marnie herself: driven, serious, tightly wound.These qualities serve her well by day as the spokesperson for Scott Stringer—Manhattan borough president, former mayoral hopeful and shoo-in for comptroller—as she walks reporters through wonky white papers on everything from Silicon Alley to economic abuse as a form of domestic violence.Celebrity photographer Terry Richardson — the man accused of soliciting sexual favors from young models looking for a break — is going to be someone’s dad. “Skinny and I are very excited to let you guys know that we are expecting TWINS in the spring!!!

Sources tell us that the edgy fashion photographer and the spokeswoman for Comptroller-elect Scott Stringer (who’s also starred in Lena Dunham’s “Girls”) have broken up after dating for three years.

Model Jamie Peck has recalled a 2010 shoot with him where Richardson offered to make tea with her used tampon, before suggesting Peck manually stimulate him.

Another model, Charlotte Waters, says she was Richardson’s “sex puppet” during a 2009 gig.

She sat and texted as a friend sketched her portrait, which would later appear on Vogue’s website. Gelman turned to a reporter, whom she had allowed to linger for a moment.

“I’m going to go back to my personal world now,” she told The Observer, shutting things down like just another press conference.

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