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Andre 3000 decided to celebrate Mother's Day in a big way.

The longtime musician and performer released two tracks via Sound Cloud in commemoration of the holiday — a longer, more free-wheeling instrumental called Happy Mother's Day I'm sure all the cards, dinners, flowers and last minute gifts are appreciated but I've learned the best gift a parent could get is to simply know their child is ok.

After Rex leaves, Bree begins to overcompensate and she creates a large feast for just her and her children; Danielle is worried by this behavior.

During dinner at home, Danielle complains that they never eat "normal food" like normal families, so the family visit a fast food restaurant, much to Bree's displeasing.

Later on, John breaks up with Gabrielle, stating he's sticking with Danielle.

After her father, Rex, has a heart attack, Danielle visits him in the hospital with Bree and Andrew.

After Bree announces that he won't be returning home with them, Danielle and Andrew get mad with her and they guilt their mother into allowing him to return.

When Bree finds a condom in the laundry hamper, and after crossing off Rex and Andrew from the list of suspects, everything begins to point to Danielle.

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