Amputee women dating

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A photograph purportedly showing a group of female veterans who had all lost one or both legs to combat wounds began circulating online in July 2015: The origins of this meme with its textual overlay describing the women pictured as “wounded female veterans” are unclear, but it has appeared on several web sites and has been widely shared on Facebook.

The women pictured above, however, are not American veterans who suffered losses of limbs to combat injuries.

According to a February 2015 article from, the photograph shows a group of Brazilian women who gathered together for a calendar photo shoot in order to raise money for amputees who cannot afford prosthetic limbs: The idea for ​​the project came from Nelson Nolé, an entrepreneur who heads Sorocaba’s prosthetic branch.

He said that the calendar will be sold nationally, and the collected monies will cover not only cover the costs of the campaign, but will create a fund to help families who can not afford prosthetics.

Speaking to New Day, the teenager spoke about why she decided to try the dating app,' ' My last boyfriend had fallen for me before the accident and I wanted to see if someone would accept me as myself now.' It's not all been great though, Vicky's had her fair share of Tinder oddballs contacting her.

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‘Before he asked me out, he said he would speak to [my mum] on the phone, but she said that if I’m happy, she’s happy.’ Her mum had to help her out in the first date though, ‘My mum dropped me off and picked me up, as I am not driving.' Fingers crossed for Vicky and Jordan. Three women who have undergone major physical transformations opened up to WH about their new realities, in all their unvarnished glory. Before this, I was a charismatic kid who did musical theater and worked a part-time job bagging groceries and loading them into people's cars. Then a friend sent me a picture from my Halloween party, and I saw myself in my wheelchair—at 350 pounds—almost too big to fit into it. I knew that I couldn't use my disability as an excuse anymore and I needed to lose weight. And now here I am as an amputee woman, traveling everywhere, dating a great guy, happy. There is nothing stronger than a person empowered by their adversity. —doesn't stop because you had a limb amputated."For more on Sarah, check out her blog And now, they're triumphantly showing their bodies in the hopes of empowering other women. I noticed my feet were hurting every day, but it wasn't until one of my feet went numb—two months later—that my mom took me to the doctor, who had me rushed to the hospital. Watch 8 provocative public figures describe their own naked bodies in 3 words: Going to the gym in a wheelchair was scary, so I decided on the YMCA, which was disability-friendly. I even started a blog where I write about safe ways people with disabilities can travel. When I'm in the gym lifting heavy weights, or visiting a new country, I am doing it through my own strength and willpower. To learn more about life after an amputation, visit From dick pics to weirdos, people misselling themselves to awful, terrible chat, Tinder, and other similar apps are somethng we all wish we didn't have to do.Imagine then, trying to get back into the dating game via Tinder after losing a leg.

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