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These moments are aptly portrayed in such a way as to mock only Warwick's personality and not his disability. He is petty, vain, desperate, small minded and arrogant.

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But still, with my Gervais hat still gone, I will review this show on its merits. Watching Warwick scale that bookcase had me in tears.

I find that argument boring and it's narrowing both the potential comparative and the viewers focus when watching.

So, with my ' Gervais' hat now removed, here is my review for ' Life's Too Short', the new mock-umentary from Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.

Much like those awful celebrity docu-soaps, Warwick yearns for all and any publicity, hoping blindly that living his life like an open wound would somehow benefit his career. Warwick is a dwarf actor looking to pay a huge tax bill.

He continually annoys Gervais and Merchant, who both play themselves as conduits to Warwick's celebrity life.

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