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(heart) cute JAPE ™™ What's that under your pillow? EDNITA ™™ Loving, laughing, talking, thinking, sexing, touching, probing, teasing, intensifying, playing, saying, joking, knowing, learning, giving. ™™ Of all the cut skinny boys with glasses that come and visit me, you're my favorite. Nearly 2000 people, including many official guests representing the Israeli and United States governments, came to witness the dedication, along with hundreds of tourists, American students, and Israelis.The New York Times reported that the children "tried valiantly" to play the U. song, playing very slowly, but then many strong voices from among the crowd helped out until the music "swept the audience.""We choose to do this on the American Independence Day but also in honor of the independence of Israel and other free nations.In addition to individual or group tree plantings, there have been special occasions when smaller "forests" have been dedicated within the larger John F.Kennedy Peace Forest, for example, as early as January 1966, even before the dedication of the memorial, a forest was planted in honor of Ambassador Avraham Harman, Israel's ambassador to the United States.Kennedy Peace Forest, the area designated as the JFK Peace Forest is part of the larger "Aminadav Forest", a 7,000-dunam forest in Ein Kerem.American communities pledged to fund the planting of trees in the forest in addition to funds for the memorial, for example, in July 1965, the community of Los Angeles, California pledged to have 100,000 trees planted as a result of a banquet sponsored by JNF attended by more than 1000 government, union, and management leaders.

The Hebrew word yad, which is used for a number of memorials in Israel (including the well-known Holocaust memorial museum Yad Vashem), comes from the Book of Isaiah, chapter 56, verse 5: "And to them will I give in my house and within my walls a memorial and a name (yad vashem)." The site overlooks what was at the time of the dedication the Jordanian village of Bittar (now a part of Israel's West Bank), the historic site of Betar, famous as the last stronghold of the Jewish revolt led by Simon Bar Kochba against Roman forces in 132–135 CE.Among the many special events that have taken place at the memorial was a visit by a number of officers and crew members from the United States aircraft carrier USS John F. Visiting American military personnel are among those who plant trees at the memorial because of its remembrance of an American president, among those who have planted trees at the site are former Chiefs of Chaplains of the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force.Israeli groups also take part in the tree planting tradition, especially on the Jewish holiday of Tu Bishvat, an occasion linked to trees, on some occasions as many as 4000 Israeli school children have come to the Kennedy Peace Forest to plant trees on that holiday.In addition to the Kennedy relief and eternal flame, papers and photographs relating to the subject of Israel-United States relations until the time of Kennedy's assassination are kept in a small library.The JNF announced that the site would "include rustic benches and tables, water facilities and shaded eating areas," and would be "close to the impressive stone and metal memorial–but far enough away not to pollute the area." The announcement noted that another 2 million trees had been planted in the adjoining "United States Freedom Forest," with a goal of planting 5.5 million trees in the two forests, as a number equal to the Jewish population of the United States.

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